Thursday, August 20, 2009

Conner's 10th Birthday Party

Conner's 10th Birthday Party, Yes 10!

She's obsessed with natural disasters, hence the "Volcano Cake."
Michelle did an awesome job!

Landon was happy for his big sissy!

yes folks she is reading the card....only because there was $ in it!

Volcano errupted!

Water fight!

Don't know who had more fun, the little kids or the big kids!

At home later.

Having too much fun in the cold water.

Summer Camping 2009

Family Camping Trip this summer. Conner had a "pre-birthday" cake before her big party. Gracie got to come for one day (despite mamaw's edict that she couldn't come) LOL! We had a great time as always and look forward to more trips soon!

Conner and her icecream cake

Hey, picture over here....look at me!

Conner and mommy

Lonnie and Steven... Doesn't Steven look good?


Sunset from the boat.....

My doll baby

Gracie swimming....she didn't like it very much.

EVERYONE gets a life jacket! LOL

Video Game break

Taking it easy

the picture speaks for itself

sneaky little devil

Getting ready to jump off the step


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Homecoming at Wingfield 2009

The Merediths at Wingfield's Homecoming.

The Girls......

More Merediths.....

Chris and Megan.....

We are too cool! Kiddos....The Moms

Aunt Rhonda and her girls.....
The Meredith Clan....

Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Time Again.... ALREADY!!

Well it took me forever to get into the Christmas spirit this year. Usually black Friday does it but I was still a little bah humbug after our 16 hours of shopping. So that Saturday we dragged the Christmas Tree out of the attic and started decorating. Conner and Landon were both excited to "help."

After 5 mins Landon decided that he was bored and went to play Monster Jam.

Landon's home alone face!

Before Church on Sunday.

And what could get you more in the Christmas spirit than Breakfast with Santa at South Edmonson? Nothing like a noisy cafeteria with hundreds of kids, Christmas music blaring and then someone pulls the fire alarm!! Ho Ho Ho!
By the way, Landon was so amazed with Santa, he said he was AWESOME and had to give him a hug and say goodbye.